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Welcome to the website of Garage Compressors We fix industrial, commercial and residential garage compressors. When it is time to get comfortable, it is a good time to install new and high-efficiency compressors. Regardless of whether we are installing or supplying a full new system or repairing your existing installation, we take great pride in our friendly and personal services. Keep in mind, regular servicing is important in the long term for greater reliability and efficiency of your compressor units. Our company's philosophy is that ??timely prevention is always better than the cure’. Preventative maintenance will consist of having service carried out regularly. Garage Compressors is an independent well established business with an extensive and loyal client base.

Our Partners

We are proud to partner with Scooters Door Service. They are a residential and commercial garage door supply and repair company. Our Garage Compressors have been used in many of their projects and we reccomend them to any customer looking for a great deal on repairs or replacements.

Our Services

  • New Equipment Supply - We sell Air Compressors, Garage Piping and have Reciprocating compressors
  •  Installation - Portable compressors, Direct drive compressors, Single stage compressors, Two stage compressors and more
  • Help and Advise - Low-noise compressors and various other compressor products
  • Service - We fix Industrial, Commercial and Residential Garage Compressors
  •  Energy Efficient Solutions - We offer Rotary screw compressors, gas-powered compressors, electric-powered compressors etc

Guaranteed Work And Excellent Customer Service

We offer a wide range of standard services that are typically scheduled for an annual or yearly term. This type of detailed annual equipment checks will ensure that the compressor unit functions at its optimum working condition. Our company takes great pride in being a premier company that is able to quickly and effectively fix a wide variety of energy-efficient industrial, commercial and residential garage compressors and spare parts. We are a leading independent company that helps you fix a wide range of garage compressors. Our reliable and prompt 24 hour emergency service call-out facility will assist you to undertake all types of expert gas-powered, electric-powered compressed installation. Our work comes guaranteed and our customer service continues to be of the highest standard, so why not call us today?